it all startED with a seed

We began our orchard in December of 2014 with the hopes of eventually having 300+ trees in our orchard. All of our trees were grown using the genetics of trees local to Florida. This gives our trees a resilience and hardiness to the local climate here in Florida.

Using a combination of seed growth, air-layer grafting, and whip grafting, we hope to fulfill our dream of a 100% natural and self sustaining Macadamia nursery and orchard. The love we have for growing and farming is only outweighed by our love of our faith and this country. 

Our commitment is this, we will supply the best Macadamia products imaginable to our local community and orchards, and we will never use shortcuts or half-measures to achieve them.

Your enjoyment of our product is the perfection we strive for.

-The Vasser Family